Software development and mobile marketing strategy consulting.

We create and develop applications for mobile devices on a variety of platforms and are trendsetters in new technologies.

At 5bnet we believe that we are in an era of profound changes. A new economy, a novel way of providing services, do business, relate to each other and communicate is emerging and those who are able to understand what this means will get more and better opportunities to reach their goals.


Developing the best product starts with understanding what our clients require.

For our clients, we make the most of the full potential of new technologies through research, strategic vision, planning and teamwork by fine professionals dedicated to something they enjoy most that is software development engineering, marketing, the internet, social media and graphic design.


How we work

We are dedicated, experienced in a variety of fields and are passionate about technology.

User's experience

Our prime goal is to grasp the manner in which users interact with the product. A satisfactory user's experience warrants for success. Our design team carefully plans every detail, starting from the appearance of the graphical user interface up to the interaction design to achieve the highest possible functionality.


We got together a very special group of multidisciplinary professionals, who are in charge of the development of each project with special dedication. All members of the 5bnet team bring along their particular expertise in the course of the process of creation and implementation, which our clients participate in. We believe that it is as important to take pleasure in working through each stage as much as to enjoy the final results.

Excelent results

The best way to achieve the very best results is to focus on a task every single day. Enthusiasm, dedication, steadfastness, humbleness and sense of responsibility. We like a job well done and invest all our energy and talent in each project, as we are not willing to settle for less.

How we are

We are a team of professionals of software development engineering, graphic design, web programming, marketing and the internet driven by the same passion: implementing state of the art solutions in the software industry. We know how to make the best out of the innovative potential of new technologies.


Applications for the tourism industry

We specialise in city sightseeing and leisure guides. Our guides include a directory of services, accommodation, restaurants, cultural offer and heritage, in addition to notices of events and exclusive promotions.

They have been developed to make the best out of the resources offered by mobile devices, such as geolocation or augmented reality.



The impact of new technologies on the publishing industry is spectacular. The Apple iPad and the new generations of tablets are opening up a world of possibilities, a brand new concept of publishing and circulating contents in electronic format that allows inserting images, videos, geolocation, mapping, colours and sound... with the huge added advantage of being able to reach a global market, without boundaries.


Social action

Ablah is an application that helps autistic children communicate. It was created as a result of the lack of such applications on the market that was experienced by Juan Carlos González, himself father of a child with such a handicap. This vital necessity gave rise to the idea of creating a highly modern and visually appealing application that would include images and sounds, just having to touch the display with one finger to use it, similarly to an interactive game.

This idea has now become a reality accessible to everyone and is available for devices such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch at the Apple Store.

Ablah got the first prize during the 2010 edition of the prestigious contest "The App Date Award"